About Us

Rather than calling this category “About Us”, it should be called “About Me”. It’s about time I start thinking about me.

It’s about me since I spent the first 57 years of my life pleasing (or trying to please) others. From telling jokes, volunteering my time working for others, or even working for myself. I have always tried to make others laugh or prove that I can do it.

It’s time to make it about me now that I’m at an age I’ve gathered some life and work experience. From schooling to my current job restaurants bookkeeping, going through jobs like software engineering, owning a Limousine Service, a corner store, and a wine shop. My idea of enjoyment is NOT being trapped in some location or driving a lot.

It’s also about me because like most people I want to be my own boss in things I enjoy doing. Again, giving joy to others while enjoying myself doing it. Sport T-shirt designs and ideas are the answer.

It’s about time to take action. Better Late than Never!

Walid Z. Masoud

My appreciation and thanks go to Zac Maybury for helping build this site. Also, thanks to the staff at Ink Monkey Graphics, specifically Dan Aguilar for helping design my ideas. As well as my attorney Trevor Martin for his legal advice. Last, but not least, thanks to Ethan Powell for designing the logo. Not to be outdone, my gratitude goes to all the friends who participated in giving their feedback.